Demons Caught On Tape
Real Manifestations or Elaborate Hoaxes?

Demons. Real or not? They're in the Bible, for sure. And when you consider people like Adolph Hitler and Ted Bundy, an argument for some hellish influence can be believed.

But do demons manifest, like in the movies? And if so, can you capture it on tape? A friend of mine, Ray Comfort, believes so.

Recently, he sent me an e-mail with some audio clips that he believes captured the audible manifestation of a demon -- one that calls itself "The Keeper." The first manifestation comes from an old encounter between Bob Larson and a caller to his radio program. During the conversation, a girl names Rebecca either manifests or witnesses a demonic intruder, beginning with a sound that Ray describes as "a cross between an angry growling dog, and a slow-sounding cricket."

Is this real? Are they all actors in some sick elaborate hoax? You decide. Listen to the audio clip for yourself (MP3).

Next, Ray Comfort, who does the street-witnessing television program Way of the Master with Kirk Cameron, experienced something that made his hair stand on end. I'll let him set up his story in his own words, copied from our email (edited slightly for space and clarity):

For weeks Scotty had been having trouble recording open-air preaching at Huntington Beach in California. He was trying to collect clips for Way of the Master Radio and there were strange goings on.
We had been preaching every Saturday afternoon for six months, but the last few weeks something seemed to be stirring in the spiritual realm. One afternoon the entire crowd became restless and very abusive, for seemingly no reason. The next week a wrath-filled cussing Catholic burst into the passive crowd and screamed at us to stop the preaching. He was furious. The foul-mouthed, hate-filled man said that we were to get out of his city. He was clearly demon-possessed. Legion style.
Both of these incidents should have been recorded through two microphones that Scotty had carefully checked, but for some reason nothing seemed to go right.
Previous to that, Scotty had been listening to a series of CD’s in which a missionary talked about finding great freedom in the spiritual realm after he had verbally resisted the enemy. There is Scriptural justification for doing this. The Bible says, “Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you” (James 4:7). How do you resist the devil? The most obvious way is to do it verbally, through prayer.
So the next Saturday, Scotty carefully set up the two microphones and as I was about to begin preaching he bowed his head and began to pray a resistant prayer as his wife, Carol, and I stood beside him. It was simple and short. He asked for God’s help and then exercised the authority he had in Christ by resisting Satan.
As he said the word “resist,” I heard a familiar noise that made me open my eyes instantly. It was a guttural sound. I looked at Carol who had also opened her eyes. I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. It sounded exactly like The Keeper. It was very strange. Why would Carol make such a horrible noise while her husband was praying? I looked at her mouth as I heard it a second time. Her lips weren’t moving. I was confused. I looked around. There was no one in close proximately. It was as though the sound was coming out of the air, right next to us.
I asked Carol if she had made the noise. She hadn’t. She thought I had made it. Scotty didn’t hear what we had heard. Instead, he said he heard a “hissing” noise as he prayed. He thought that we were laughing at him as he prayed against the enemy. He felt a little foolish.
Now you have a slight dilemma. Am I lying about this incident? Or maybe we were mistaken into thinking that we heard a strange noise that just sounded like The Keeper? If that was the case, you have to reconcile that strange noise with the fact that it came at exactly the same second that Scotty said the word “resist,” as he prayed against Satan. Or perhaps that was just a coincidence.
One more thing. Scotty had turned the recorder on just before this incident and caught the sound on tape. He was holding the microphone down as he prayed. There is a lot of background noise. He was touching its wind-cover. That caused a muffling sound. The recording isn’t very clear, but you can hear him pray, you can hear the guttural noise, and you can hear our reaction to it.

Crazy? You decide. Listen to the whole thing on the hand-held mic and then the growling part on the lavalier mic.

One note I'll add: Many years ago I was talking to a minister who claimed to have seen many demonic manifestations. I asked him, "What do they usually say?" His response was that they don't normally engage in conversation; instead, they mock you. Ray's friend, Scotty, didn't hear a growl. He heard mockery.

For what it's worth...you listen and decide.

PS: Anyone know what ever happened to Bob Larson after the financial scandal in the early 90's?

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